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Welcome on the website Vento Bohemia Ltd.!

Main subject wholesale Vento Bohemia Ltd. is sale chemist and cosmetic products. We operate own e-shop with a large selection range and supply our business partners throughout the Czech Republic with own transportation. The company has been established in 1998.

We are Vento Bohemia Ltd. company, operate in the market for more than 20 years and we have rich experience in the sale and distribution of cosmetic and chemical products. We have own vehicular transportation with some cars for distribute. We provide a full logistics and that’s why don’t need rely on other subject. Our company has jointly control the quality of transported goods and the timing of deliveries. As one of the few we offer full service for our bussines partners. You can see our products on the webside, current state of the warehouse, make an order. And we will arrange everything else, from processing your order for delivery of goods to trade and your own hands. If it is your desire, our worker can be assigned to you and he will regularly attend your store with the action goods, news and can help with order. So you don‘t have to worry about anything.

  • We have own warehouse the size of 1000 m2 and here can offer you a wide range of chemical goods which are in store. ...
  • Thanks to our production lines and their own recipes we can offer quality products made in Czech republic at an affordable price. ...
  • The company have more than tenner asistents in central office and other tenner businessmen in the field. ...
  • Operation e-shop with all product what we have in offer, so you can see it. ...

Production chemist and cosmetics products

Since 2008 we are co-owner and since 2016 we are owner Primo group s.r.o. company and since 2012 are 100% owners of the company, which produce chemist and cosmetic products.Therefore we have our product line under the brands Softline, Go&Go, Dr. House. So we can offer you quality products with proven recipes at very competitive prices, which are only with us and our subscribers. We are able to offer products under your private brand, only for your network shops. We have a wide range of goods with the option to choose own bottle, caps etc. Please contact us for more information.


Our Partners

We have been cooperating with these business partners for a long time.

Partnet Hruška Partner Ahold Partner Globus Partner Norma Partner Kaufland Partner Coop Partner Brněnka Partner Enapo Partner Eso Partner Espace Partner Flosman Partner Javor Partner Partner Partner Libex SK

Exclusive distribution

We are the exclusive distributors of these brands.

Distribuce Dramers Distribuce Brait Distribuce General Fresh Distribuce Eveline Distribuce Lorenay Distribuce Eurosirel Distribuce Pokhara Distribuce Forte Sweden Distribuce Global Cosmed

They wrote about us

You could read about us here, for example (CZ only)

Our personnel

The company have more than tenner asistents in central office and other tenner businessmen in the field. These people are responsible for the smooth running of all your requirements and our customes. Thanks to good coordination are we can provide fast rapid process your orders and deliver the goods in time.

Pavla Delongová


+420 596 425 593


Ladislav Audy


+420 603 583 318


Ing. Kateřina Audy

Export / Import manager

+420 731 505 109


Markéta Miarková

Assistant - Billing

+420 731 446 935


Radim Ručil

Marketing & IT

+420 734 233 882


Pavel Pilař

Information on cosmetic products

+420 603 874 824


Soňa Bednářová


+420 596 425 593


David Powiesnik


+420 734 233 883

Martin Holeš

Warehouse manager

+420 731 446 931


Sales manager CZ

René Suchánek

Sales manager CZ

+420 734 258 575


Leona Mývaltová

Sales manager Eveline, Viorica

+420 737 884 028


Dalimil Machander

Moravskoslezský a Zlínský kraj

+420 775 158 494


Milan Baranec

Jihočeský, Plzeňský a Středočeský kraj

+420 731 923 264


Jan Pučera

Jihomoravský kraj a Vysočina

+420 775 163 193


Markéta Lamařová

Královehradecký, Pardubický, Liberecký kraj a Vysočina

+420 730 893 521


Zdeněk Belan

Plzeňský, Karlovarský a Ústecký kraj

+420 730 893 492


Sales manager SK

René Suchánek

Bratislavský, Trnavský, Nitrianský kraj

+420 734 258 575


Our drivers

David Přichystal

+420 603 593 318

Jiří Malík

+420 730 893 491

Bohumil Kadlčík

+420 605 499 974

Ondřej Halaxa

+420 739 097 840